Dr. Dagmar Wöbken, Group Leader
University of Vienna
Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science
Division of Microbial Ecology
Althanstr. 14
A-1090 Wien
phone: +43 1 4277 76613

Dr. Dagmar Woebken is the leader of the new NanoSIMS Group at the Department of Microbial Ecology, starting in January 2012. Dr. Woebken did her postdoctoral work investigating diazotrophy in coastal microbial mats using next generation sequencing combined with FISH and NanoSIMS at Stanford University/NASA Ames/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Her group will be investigating active participants in the N and C cycle across terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems using single cell techniques.
Publications in peer reviewed journals
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     Full text    PUBMED
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     Full text    PUBMED
  3. Woebken D, Burow LB, Prufert-Bebout L, Bebout BM, Hoehler T, Pett-Ridge J, Singer SW, Spormann AM, Weber PK. 2012. Identification of a novel cyanobacterial group as active diazotrophs in a coastal microbial mat using NanoSIMS analysis. ISME J. 6: 1427-39.
     Full text    PUBMED
  4. Burow LB, Woebken D, Bebout BM, McMurdie PJ, Singer SW, Pett-Ridge J, Prufert-Bebout L, Spormann AM, Weber PK, Hoehler T. 2011. Hydrogen production in photosynthetic microbial mats in the Elkhorn Slough estuary, Monterey Bay. ISME J. 6: 863-74.
     Full text    PUBMED
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Book chapters and other publications
  1. Eichorst SA, Woebken D.. 2014. Investigation of microorganisms at the single-cell level using Raman Microspectroscopy and Nanometer-scale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry. In Molecular Methods and Applications in Microbiology, in press. (Skovhus, T.L., Caffrey, S., and Hubert, C.R.J., ed.). Caister Academic Press, Norfolk, UK.